fighting foreclosure help guide to stopping home foreclosures

Foreclosure Affiliate Program - Target Audience


Here is a list of the kinds of people who will want this e-book:

*People in Danger of Foreclosure: That's the obvious one.

*People in Debt and Credit Trouble: This usually leads to foreclosure if they don't do a bankruptcy first.

*Friends and Family of People in Danger of Foreclosure: Almost everyone knows someone in the foreclosure process. "Forward this to a friend who needs it." Dad and Mom will buy one for their kids (especially if they co-signed the loan). 

*Real Estate Professionals: The Manual is Realtor friendly and recommends people to use Realtors in some situations. Also, most realtors are not aware of all the options people have in foreclosure.

*Mortgage Brokers: This foreclosure guide (e-book) also recommends finding and working with reputable mortgage brokers.

*Foreclosure Hot Spots: There are parts of the country where foreclosures are extraordinarily high. This list may help you, especially if you are using PPC to targeted states and local areas within these specific states.

Here are the top 4 foreclosure hot spots as of Dec 4, 2008:


You will want to also focus on the metro and suburb areas and cities within these states.

Thanks for all your help. I wish you great success!


And as always, if you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to help out in anyway I/we can.